GTA 5 Mobile

– Download the Steam Link app on Google Play or the App Store
– Open both the Steam Link app and the Steam client on your PC
– In the Steam PC client, go to the ‘Steam’ tab and hit ‘settings’
– In the settings window, go to ‘remote play’ and tick the ‘enable remote play’ checkbox
– Hit the ‘pair steam link’ button below the list of devices

The Steam Link app on your phone should scan for your PC, then provide a four-digit PIN
Enter the PIN into the ‘authorise device’ textbox that pops up on your Steam PC client and hit ‘ok’
After that, your device’s name should show up in the Steam PC client’s remote play window
Wait for your Steam Link app to test the network connection, then hit ‘ok’
Hit the ‘start playing’ button to access your Steam library on your phone
Launch GTA V

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